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Most people jump right to this page before ever visiting the rest of the web site. 

Why?  Well, to be quite frank, they want to see "How much does it cost?" and then they'll see if they want to waste more time browsing this web site. 

Of course, having The Baldwin Trust Group CBO prepare your document(s) would be more expensive than the do-it-yourself kits or form books sold at seminars or other web sites;  however, making sure that your documents are prepared properly and that they fit your particular situation, assets, goals and State are very important and can save money in the end.

Improperly written forms, incorrectly signed, witnessed or notarized documents, and unfunded entities are as useful as if you did nothing at all.  Using a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) where a Family Limited Partnership is required or creating a "S" Corporation instead of a Business Trust can be equally detrimental to your asset protection objectives. Just as you would run a risk in flying in a plane built by someone without the proper engineering training and experience, it can be equally dangerous to have someone prepare living trusts and asset protection documents who do not have the training or experience. 

There are also commercial trust packages being sold that cost much more than ours.  Other trust documents are being prepared locally by in-experienced persons.  The average cost for a married A-B-C revocable living trust in California is around $1800 plus filing fees.  All other entity type should be adjusted in price proportionately to their complexity and how they are to be used.



Don't step over a dollar to pick up a dime!

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